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To guide is to show someone the way through a place or an experience.

simple past past participle
  • A teacher guides his or her students through a course.
  • Light from a beacon guided us to our destination.
  • The blind man's daughter guided him through the crowd.
  • The navigation system on your cell phone can guide you through the streets of any city.
  • A counselor helps guide students as they go through school.

There are two nouns that are associated with this word: guide and guidance. A guide is a person or a reference; guidance is advice or help.

  • A guide showed us around the old city.
  • The doctor provided his patient with some guidance about the importance of diet and exercise.
  • I'm going to need some guidance in upgrading the RAM on my computer.
  • This book is a good guide when traveling through Canada.

map A map is a useful guide.

The word "guided" is an adjective:

  • There are guided tours of Chicago that you can take if you travel to that city as a tourist.
  • Guiding reading practice can help you become a better speaker of English.

*Thanks to Srinivas for another great suggestion!

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