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To mourn is to feel sadness or express sorrow when someone has died.

simple past past participle
  • Mabel is mourning the loss of her husband.
  • Lester is mourning the passing of his mother.
  • The town mourned the deaths of two teenagers who fell into the lake and drowned.
  • The children mourned the loss of their parents.
  • As the family continues to mourn the death of their dog, Muffin, they've begun to think about getting another dog.

A person who is in mourning experiences a time of grief.

  • In many countries, a woman who is in mourning wears black clothing for a specific period of time.
  • With the passing of Margaret Thatcher, Great Britain is in mourning.
  • Neighbors and friends bring food to a family in mourning.


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Published April 13, 2013; updated April 18, 2017







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