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Use the word "raw" when food is not cooked:

  • It's not safe to eat raw meat. You should cook it first.
  • Gabriel tells me beef is sometimes served raw in his home country.
  • Raw fish is found in sushi.
  • I like to eat herring raw.
  • Raw vegetables, such as broccoli or carrots, taste good with some sort of a dip.

raw veggies

raw veggies

You can also use the word "raw" when something is new, freshly exposed, or a natural element:

  • Raw materials needed for building a house are hard to find in the desert.
  • Harold's hands are still raw and blistered from working in his garden all day.
  • The raw and unfinished appearance of her artwork drew both criticism and praise.
  • A large group of raw military recruits had a tough first week of basic training.
  • Kim hit a raw nerve when she mentioned John's divorce. (a raw nerve = an emotionally difficult memory or experience)

There are a few expressions that use the word "raw."

  • Cindy and Brad got a raw deal when they purchased their house. (a raw deal = a bad situation)
  • Paparazzi secretly took photos of the celebrities as the lay on the beach in the raw. (in the raw = naked)


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Originally published on April 8, 2013.

Updated on April 20, 2017.









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