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Flab is fat. It's the extra weight that a person carries around on his or her body. Flab is something that people try to lose if they are worried about being heavy.

  • He's trying to lose some flab by exercising.
  • Running helps to reduce flab.
  • The doctor said that Jennifer needed to lose some of the flab around her stomach.
  • We have to cut some of the flab from our budget. (You can use the word "flab" to describe excess spending.)

The adjective form of this word is "flabby."

  • He's looking a little flabby.
  • The flabby police officer couldn't catch up to the thief he was chasing.
  • I'm getting a little too flabby. I have to lose some weight.


Your teacher is getting flabby.

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August 9, 2013







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