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Use the word "manner" when referring to the way in which a person does something. "Manner" is a noun:

  • She has an unusual manner of playing golf.
  • The manner in which they do business is quite impressive.
  • The manner in which the people of that country live is interesting.
  • His manner of speaking is easy to understand.

strange manner

He's behaving in a very strange manner.

You can also use "manner" when talking about social behavior or etiquette (polite behavior). In this case, the plural form is often used.

  • Those children have very good manners.
  • He has no interest in minding his manners.
  • He has no manners.
  • Those people have no manners.
  • Where are your manners? (Say this is you are upset with someone's behavior.)
  • Where are my manners? (Say this is you make a mistake in proper etiquette and you are upset with yourself.)

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