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If a person mopes, he or she displays unhappiness in a manner that is obvious and sometimes childish. Children often mope when they are unable to get something that they really want, but adults also mope. Sometimes, moping takes the form of inactivity:

  • After Todd lost his job, he moped around the house for several weeks. Billy is moping because his mother told him he couldn't have any more cookies. Cynthia usually mopes if she doesn't get her way. Why are you moping today?
  • The children are moping because they have to go back to school this week.

The word "mope" can also be used as a noun:

  • Nobody likes a mope. Don't be such a mope.
  • Stop being a mope and do something constructive.

Don't confuse the word "mope" with the word "mop."

moping mop
  • He mopes about his job. He mopped all day yesterday because he had to work late.
  • mope / moped / moped
  • This is a mop and a bucket. Someone mopped the floor.
  • mop / mopped / mopped

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