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August 30, 2013 - Word of the Day



A person who lives nearby or next door is a neighbor.

  • Our next door neighbors are very nice people.
  • Bob borrowed a lawn mower from his neighbor and returned it when he was finished using it.
  • Vince and Olivia sent over a plate of cookies to welcome their new neighbors.
  • The neighbors who live a few doors down are having a party this weekend.

The word "neighborhood" is the place in which people live.

  • Vy and Nguyen are looking for a nice neighborhood to move into.
  • The neighborhood they live in now is kind of dangerous.
  • We have a lot of children in our neighborhood.
  • Daniel's neighborhood is becoming a little too expensive, so he's moving.

The word "neighborly" is an adjective that describes the kind actions of a neighbor.

  • That's very neighborly of you. Thank-you.
  • The woman across the street sent over some flowers from her garden. That was very neighborly.
  • Don Wilson isn't taking care of his house or his yard. That's not very neighborly.

The word "neighboring" is also an adjective that means something is close.

  • A neighboring county experienced severe thunderstorms last night.
  • Countries neighboring Syria are nervous about the civil war in that country spilling over its borders.
  • A big fire required extra help from neighboring towns.


This is a very nice neighborhood!

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