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The word "passage" is used when traveling or entering through an area.

  • Passage into certain parts of Afghanistan can be very dangerous.
  • Workers built a covered passage through the two buildings under construction.
  • Gilda was told to avoid the narrow passageways when she traveled to Cairo. (The word "passageway" is often substituted for "passage.")
  • The Panama Canal was built to provide an easy passage though Central America.
  • Chancellor Merkel's passage over Iran was delayed.
  • Passage to India is a famous novel written by E.M. Forster.


Occupants of the castle moved through a dark, secret passage known only to a few.

The word "passage" can also mean a section of writing from a novel, an essay, or a religious text.

  • The teacher read a passage from the novel out loud in class.
  • Students were told to discuss the passage within their study groups.
  • Ahmed and Samuel discussed a passage from the Koran while having lunch.
  • I found an interesting passage in the Bible the other day about friendship.

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