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A server is a computer or a computer system that stores and distributes information to other computers.

server This is a server.

  • The New York Times had problems with its server last week, so their website was down.
  • Server maintenance is an important task for large companies.
  • My website is in the process of moving to a new server because the old server was causing problems.
  • I uploaded a large number of files to the server.

A server is also a person who works at a restaurant and brings food to the table. Many restaurants now prefer the word "server" over "waiter" (for a man) and "waitress" (for a woman).

  • Patrick works as a server.
  • The server took the order back to the kitchen.
  • The new sports bar that opened across the street is hiring servers.

server He works as a server.

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August 18, 2013







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