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The word "final" is often used as an adjective when describing a thing that is last, or people come to the end of a process.

  • Today is the final day of the year. Tomorrow is a new year.
  • After thinking long and hard about the situation, Rosa made her final decision.
  • The final mile of the race was the most challenging for the runners.
  • After a week of negotiations, management made its final offer.
  • Is that your final answer?
  • This feels so final.
  • This is final. We can't go back.

The word "finally" is an adverb. Use "finally" when something concludes.

  • The party finally ended at three o'clock in the morning.
  • The newspaper has finally arrived. I've been waiting all morning.
  • Robert finally asked his girlfriend to marry him after six years of courtship.
  • Finally! They're finished.

graduationHe finally graduated!

The word "finalize" is a verb. It means to make something final.

  • They finalized the agreement with a handshake.
  • The report was finalized by a team of accountants.

When "final" is used as a noun, it's usually in reference to a test or a qualifying event:

  • Victoria has finals in three of her classes this week.
  • The final was very difficult.
  • The final will determine almost half of your grade.


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