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The word "joy" means happiness or pleasure. A person feels good when experiencing joy:

  • People's hearts are filled with joy during the holiday season.
  • Expressions of joy spread over the faces of the children as they opened their presents.
  • Patients on a hospital diet miss the joy of eating regular food.
  • The joy of cooking comes from providing delicious and healthy food to family and friends.
  • What a joy it was to see everyone getting along at the party.
  • The young man could not hide the joy he felt upon hearing that he got the job he wanted.

The word "joy" is often found within words that express happiness:

  • A joyful group of children sang songs as they rode on the bus. (The word "joyful" is an adjective.)
  • They joyfully sang songs. ("Joyfully" is an adverb.)
  • Overjoyed by the support of coworkers, friends, and neighbors who donated money for her cancer treatments, Kristen began to cry.
  • Christmas is a joy-filled holiday.
  • We enjoy going to Quebec on vacation.

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