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To "neglect" is to choose not to do something or to ignore a responsibility:

  • The woman was neglecting her children, so the state took them away from her.
  • Because Steve neglected his responsibilities at work, he was let go.
  • You can't neglect to pay your taxes in the United States. Eventually, the U.S. government will find out and fine you or put you in jail.
  • Don't neglect your duties!
  • The house was neglected by the owners and eventually torn down.

a neglected house

a neglected house

In the next set of sentences, the word "neglect" is a noun:

  • After years and years of neglect, the house was torn down because there were too many things that needed to be fixed.
  • The old man died of neglect in a nursing home.
  • Horses suffering from neglect had to be put down. (put down = euthanize)
  • Child neglect is a punishable offense in the United States. If you have children, you must take care of them.

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