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To reveal something is to show it or provide information about it. Often, something that is revealed was once a secret or a mystery:

  • The company intends to reveal its plans for expansion at today's meeting.
  • My friend, Tom, revealed some disturbing facts about his past.
  • Please don't reveal the ending of the movie before I watch it.
  • The man finally revealed a family secret that only he knew.
  • The name of the suspect in the crime will be revealed by the police later today. ("Reveal" is in the passive voice in this sentence.)
  • The police will reveal the identity of the suspect. ("Reveal" is in the active voice in this sentence.)
  • The clothing she's wearing reveals too much skin. (She's showing too much of her body.)

The words "revealing" and "revealed" are used as adjectives:

  • She's wearing very revealing clothing.
  • The Speedos he's wearing are a little too revealing.
  • The statements he made about his past were very revealing. (This information explains the motivation for his actions.)
  • The actress held back nothing in a revealing interview with the magazine.
  • The revealed information suddenly made everyone nervous.

Note: The opposite of "reveal" is "conceal." A person who conceals something, hides it: Batman conceals his true identity.

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