What does "________" mean? How is it used in a sentence?



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Use the word "uplift" when a person is made to feel good about something, usually during a period of celebration or following a time in which someone might feel bad.

The adjective form of this word is "uplifting." This is a fairly common word to use when someone or something provides inspiration to others:

  • The politician gave an uplifting speech to his supporters.
  • Events leading up to Christmas Day offer uplifting experiences for all who participate in them.
  • The minister gave an uplifting sermon to the congregation.
  • Jamal and his family enjoyed a spiritually uplifting Eid this year.
  • I find the music of the Beatles to be very uplifting.

uplifting music Music can be very uplifting.

You can also use this word as a verb, although it is not as common as the adjective form.

  • Coach Benson tried to uplift the spirits of his team after a heartbreaking loss.
  • The musical performance by the choir uplifted the audience and put everyone in the mood for the holidays.
  • Uplift your hearts and rejoice!

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