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February 26, 2013 - Word of the Day


Something that is basic is primary, fundamental, or necessary for something else to happen. This word does not have the same meaning as the word "easy."

We use "basic" as an adjective:

  • She's taking a basic math course.
  • A knowledge of cell division is basic to your understanding of the human body.
  • Abdu has a basic understanding of how an engine works.
  • Do you understand the basic idea?
  • The basic approach to solving this problem is not working.

You'll often hear the word "basically" in conversation. In this case, it's similar to the word "just." It's also similar to "as if."

  • This highway is basically used by commuters.
  • They're basically married, but they haven't gone through a wedding ceremony yet.
  • By the way you're dressed, you're basically telling everyone that you have no interest in being successful.
  • Basically, I just want to provide a website that offers free English language instruction to people around the world.

A word that's related to "basic" is the noun, "basis."

  • These lessons form the basis for your understanding of how pronouns work in a sentence.
  • There's absolutely no basis for believing this information is true.
  • Water is the basis for the fluids in your body.


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