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February 7, 2013 - Word of the Day



To frighten someone is to cause fear. It's very similar to the word "scare."

simple past past participle

(Listen to your teacher talk about the pronunciation of this word before going to the sentences below.)

  • The thunder and lightening frightened the children.
  • The children were frightened by the storm. (This sentence is in the passive voice, past tense.)
  • What are some things that frighten you?
  • Naveed says he's frightened by the men in the neighboring village.
  • Tilda is frightened by large dogs.
  • A woman on our street was frightening everyone who passed by her house. (The verb "frighten" is in the past continuous tense in this sentence.)
  • Many people enjoy being frightened when they watch scary movies.
  • Nothing frightens or surprises Joe anymore. He has seen it all. (He's an old man and he has seen many frightening and surprising things.)
  • A man walked into the store with a gun and frightened all the shoppers.

womanThe mouse frightened her.

You can use the words "frightened" or "frightening" as adjectives:

  • The frightened children began crying as the thunder became louder.
  • The storm was frightening.


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