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The word "harsh" is an adjective that means something is rough or difficult.

  • Winter brings harsh weather to the midwest.
  • The cold, harsh air stings your fingers.
  • Harsh driving conditions during the snowstorm kept many people off of the roads.
  • The teacher had some harsh words for the misbehaving students.
  • Afterwards, she felt bad about the harsh comments she had made.
  • Some alcoholic drinks such as whiskey have kind of a harsh taste.
  • Some fluorescent lamps throw off a harsh, bright light.
  • The two-year prison sentence given to the teenager who was stealing cars seemed harsh. (sentence = punishment with time spent in prison)

To form a noun, add "ness" to the end of "harsh."

  • The harshness of the weather forced the family to move to a warmer place.
  • Everyone was shocked by the harshness of the punishment.


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February 6, 2013







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