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January 17, 2013 - Word of the Day



To agree with someone else is to have the same idea or the same opinion. This is a very important word to know and use!

simple past past participle
  • Do you agree with me? (Is your opinion similar to or the same as mine?)
  • They have agreed to work together.
  • Tomas and his wife Maria don't agree on many things. They often disagree. (The word "disagree" is the opposite of "agree.")
  • The students disagreed with the teacher on the need for another test.
  • Christine agreed to help her mother clean the house this weekend. (She said "okay.")

Right now in the United States it's popular to hear "agreed" as a one-word response when someone has the same opinion as another person:

  We need stronger laws to reduce gun violence in the United States.   Agreed.

The word "agreement" is a noun.

  • Are we all in agreement on this issue?
  • You were supposed to clean the apartment today, but you didn't. I thought we had an agreement.
  • There's some disagreement over who was responsible for the accident.

Sometimes an agreement is a formal contract:

  • The two companies signed an agreement to work together on the development of a new product.
  • Brad has an agreement with Zach to buy his car at the end of the month.


Note: A popular expression that can be used in place of "agree" is "see eye to eye." They agree. They see eye to eye on this subject.

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