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July 28, 2013 - Word of the Day



Use the word "identify" when describing, finding, or distinguishing the characteristics and qualities of a person or a thing:

  • The police identified the stolen car.
  • How many different trees are you able to identify?
  • Can you identify the main verb in this question?
  • We need to identify our main priorities when working on this project.
  • Each child in the classroom identified a country on the map where their families were from before they moved to the United States.

To identify with something or someone is to say that your experience or understanding is similar:

  • We can all identify with someone who has experienced a tragic loss.
  • Fernandez says he can easily identify with people who have had to relocate.
  • Belinda says she doesn't identify herself with the members of that group.

The noun form of this word is "identification."

  • The police made a positive identification of the car.
  • The identification of different words in a sentence and the part of speech to which they belong is a good skill for a student to have.
  • Do you carry any kind of identification with you?

The abbreviation for "identification" is "I.D."

  • Do you have an I.D.?


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