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July 9, 2013 - Word of the Day



To laugh is to react to something that is funny. Short bursts of air and sound from the mouth indicate that a person is having a good time. Laughter may be controlled but sometimes it is difficult to stop. Some laughter hurts a person's feelings.

  • Nadine laughed at Bill's joke.
  • She laughs all the time.
  • Everyone laughed at Sam's new haircut.
  • I couldn't stop laughing during the movie. It was so funny.
  • Don't laugh when you see my car. It's really junky.
  • People laughing and singing in the apartment next door kept everyone awake all night.
  • Stop laughing!

You can use the words "laugh," "laughing," or "laughter" as nouns:

  • We had a good laugh over the incident.
  • Laughter could be heard coming from the classroom.
  • The laughing stopped as soon as one of the children got hurt. Then all we heard was crying.
  • The city says it will finally fix the problem. That's a laugh. I'll believe when I see it. ( That's a laugh = The situation isn't good. People made a mistake which may or may not be fixed.)


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