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To be naive is to lack a certain knowledge about situations and people. This adjective is similar to the word "innocent."

Pay close attention to the pronunciation of this word:

naive  (neye eve)

  • She's a very naive person.
  • He's naive when it comes to negotiations.
  • You're so naive.
  • Stop being so naive.
  • It's naive to believe that.
  • He's young and naive. Soon he'll learn the facts of life.
  • They were naive to believe the salesperson's claims about the car they purchased.
  • A lawyer took advantage of his naive clients and stole thousands of dollars from them.

When this word is in the form of a noun it becomes "naivety."

  • Susan's complete trust in the people she supervised revealed her naivety.
  • Your naivety is showing.
  • When the man learned of the woman's naivety and innocence, he felt a need to protect her.


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July 22, 2013







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