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To be nervous is to feel concern, worry, fear, or anxiety.

  • It's natural to feel nervous.
  • Bill feels nervous about taking this test.
  • Sophia says she's nervous about getting married.
  • Drivers might feel nervous when driving on snow and ice.
  • I feel nervous for my son who's getting his wisdom teeth pulled today.

nervous He's nervous.

The adverb form of this word is "nervously."

  • The speaker nervously addressed the audience.
  • The parents nervously waited for their daughter to return home.
  • The little boy approached the edge of the pool nervously before diving in.

The noun form of this word is "nervousness."

  • Some students experienced a bit of nervousness as they were taking the test.
  • His nervousness was evident by the amount of sweating pouring off of his brow.
  • The young teacher quickly got over her nervousness after the start of the school year.


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