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The word "perfect" means that something or a situation is very, very good. It's similar in meaning to the word "ideal."

This word is often used as an adjective:

  • She has a perfect voice for the choir.
  • Her performance was perfect.
  • She tries to be perfect.
  • Hilda got a perfect score on her test. (She didn't get any answers wrong.)
  • Today is a perfect day for a picnic. There's not a cloud in the sky and the weather is warm.

perfect An A+ is a perfect score.

The adverb form for this word is "perfectly."

  • This cheese is perfectly safe to eat, even though it has a little mold on it.
  • Tony played perfectly during the match.
  • Everything went perfectly.

The word "perfection" is a noun:

  • The weather today is absolute perfection.
  • Perfection is hard to achieve.
  • She wants nothing less than perfection.

This word can also be a verb, but in this case the accent is on the second syllable: perfect

  • She perfected her pronunciation of English with daily practice.
  • He's trying to perfect his performance.
  • This is impossible to perfect.

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