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The word "previous" is an adjective that means before.

  • Jake's previous job was in the construction industry. Now he's a mechanic.
  • Laura's previous apartment was too small, so she moved.
  • I'm sorry I'm late. I had a previous appointment that went long. (to go long = more time than expected)
  • We discussed all of this in a previous meeting. Don't you remember?

Add "ly" to the end of "previous" to form the adverb, "previously."

  • The information was not known to the general public previously.
  • Do you know where she worked previously?
  • They were previously engaged to get married, but something happened and they called off the wedding.
  • Previously, on All My Children, Erica discovered something disturbing about her new husband. (A description like this one exemplifies an update for viewers of a television program such as a soap opera.)


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