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A routine is something that you do regularly. We often use this word to describe every day activities and schedules.

In these examples, the word "routine" is a noun:

  • What's your daily routine like?
  • Do you like your routine?
  • My morning routine includes drinking coffee and reading the newspaper.
  • Edward says he's tired of the daily routine at work. He needs something new.
  • Beatrice doesn't want to change her routine. She likes things the way they are.
  • Sarah is working on a new dance routine. (A routine can also be a well-rehearsed performance.)

In this next set of sentences, the word "routine" is an adjective.

  • The doctor said the surgery was a routine procedure.
  • The police made a routine visit to the neighborhood.
  • The nurse read through a routine set of questions before the patient saw the doctor.
  • She's tired of the doing the same old routine tasks at work.

The word "routinely" is an adverb:

  • He routinely misses work.
  • She's routinely prompt.
  • They're routinely absent from class.


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Published July 25, 2013. Updated July 9, 2017. (Thanks to Reginato for identifying an error on this page!)


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