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The word "switch" means to change an object or a situation. The change usually occurs between two things or two people:

  • Jeremy switched hours with a coworker. He took her hours, and she took his.
  • Maria switched cars with her husband. She took his car, and he took hers.
  • Can we switch places? (I'm asking to take your position or place, and you take mine.)
  • Switch places with me.
  • Let's switch. (Let's exchange something.)
  • We needed to switch classrooms because there was flooding in the one we normally use.
  • Switch on the light. (Turn the light on from the "off" position.)

The word "switch" is also a noun. Switches are used for turning things on and off. This is what a switch looks like:


  • Hit the switch.
  • Can you hit the switch, please?
  • Where's the switch for the lamp?
  • Do you know how to fix a light switch?
  • Is there a switch on your computer or a power button?
  • The switch is in the "on" position.

A switch can also be a change:

  • We needed to make a switch.
  • That was an interesting switch.
  • They made the old switcheroo at work and changed cubicles. (To "make the old switcheroo" is a playful expression that you'll hear occasionally in spoken English.)


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July 29, 2013







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