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To feel anxious is to look forward to an event, or to feel nervousness, worry, concern or fear.

  • Tom feels a little anxious about his new job.
  • Sarah says she's anxious to get married.
  • A growling dog outside the house made everyone very anxious.
  • Roger is anxious to get going. (He wants to leave.)
  • I feel anxious when I fly.
  • Is there anything that causes you to feel anxious?

Add "ly" to the end of "anxious" to make the adverb, "anxiously."

  • They're anxiously awaiting the arrival of their first baby.
  • Sarah is anxiously waiting for a phone call from her mother.
  • The students listened anxiously as the teacher read the names of the top students.

The word "anxiety" is a noun:

  • John is feeling a lot of anxiety about his upcoming court date.
  • Jennifer's feelings of anxiety are rooted in her childhood.
  • Do you have any anxieties?


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