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June 8, 2013 - Word of the Day



A journey is a long trip, a long period of time, or both. This word is often used as a noun:


  • The journey to the United States is long and difficult for many people who immigrate.
  • A journey to Mars and back would take over a year to complete.
  • The children went to a summer camp a few hours away and for only a week, but for them it seemed like a great journey.
  • How long was the journey?
  • I'd love to take a long journey through China someday.
  • Let's go on a long journey somewhere!
  • Life is a journey, regardless of how far you travel.

You can also use "journey" as a verb:

  • The travelers who journeyed through Australia had many interesting stories to tell.
  • The hikers plan to journey through several mountainous areas.
  • We journeyed down the Mississippi on a riverboat.

riverboat riverboat

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