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The word "nasty" is an adjective that means something or someone is bad.

  • Why is he being so nasty?
  • He has a nasty temper.
  • John was fired for being nasty towards the customers.
  • Martha is never mean or nasty.
  • She doesn't have a nasty bone in her body.
  • That smells nasty.
  • The war was waged with nasty results.

This adjective can also be used when something is very strong or impressive, particularly an ailment:

  • Yolanda has a nasty cold.
  • Roberto has a nasty cough.
  • That's a nasty rash you've got there.
  • I've got a nasty headache.

Sometimes the word "nasty" may imply that a man or woman has a sexual proclivity (interest or ability):

  • You're so nasty.
  • He's a nasty man.
  • Man, she's nasty.

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June 29, 2013







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