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The word "frequent" is an adjective that means a lot or a large number of times.

  • Frequent exercise is good for your health. (If you exercise a lot, you'll be healthy.)
  • He is a frequent guest at their home. (He makes a lot of visits to their home.)
  • She has a frequent need for help with her math assignments. (She asks for a lot of help.)
  • Bill makes frequent phone calls to customers overseas.


The adverb form of this word is "frequently."

  • Bill frequently makes phone calls to customers overseas.
  • Wild rabbits frequently mate and have a lot of babies.
  • Greg and Laura frequently visit this coffee shop.
  • How frequently do you drive your car?
  • Frequently asking questions in class is a good way to participate in a lesson.

The noun form of this word is "frequency."

  • The frequency of new orders has increased to the point where the company needs to add employees.
  • The high frequency of visits to the website caused problems with the server.
  • The doctor successfully reduced the frequency of seizures in his patient.


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