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You probably already know the word "green" is used to describe a color. This box is green:


But there are other uses and meanings for this word.

  • If you have a green thumb, that means you are good at growing things like vegetables or flowers.
green thumb
  • She's still kind of green. (She's new to her position and she doesn't have a lot of experience.)
new worker
  • He's making quite a lot of green at work these days. (green = money)
  • Monsters are often portrayed as being green.
  • Aliens tend to be green when they appear in movies.
  • A person who is green with envy wants what someone else has. She's green with envy because a friend of hers is marrying a wealthy football player.
  • People who play golf try to get their ball onto the green. Once on the green, they can hit their ball into the little hole.
  • On St. Patrick's Day, the wearing of the green is a common sight.
green hat


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This page was first published on March 17, 2013. It was updated on March 17, 2017.




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