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If something is "ordinary," it's average. There's isn't anything unusual or unique about it. This word is similar to typical or normal.

  • The houses on this block are ordinary. Many of them look alike.
  • Sarah prefers to wear ordinary clothes to work because she doesn't want to attract attention to herself.
  • It was just another ordinary day until Ahmed got a flat tire, and then everything went downhill from there.
  • Instead of getting an ordinary haircut, he decided to go with a mohawk.

boy with a mohawk He has a mohawk. That is not an ordinary haircut.


The adverb form of this word is "ordinarily."

  • Ordinarily, Barb works during the week, but today she's working on the weekend.
  • Summer in the United States is ordinarily hot, but last summer was extraordinary. (The opposite of "ordinary" is "extraordinary.")
  • Doctor Jensen ordinarily works with patients who are children because he works in the pediatric ward.


Note: Be careful when using the word "ordinary." Some people take offense if their clothes, lifestyle, or material possessions are described as being "ordinary." Many people like to believe they are unique--even if they aren't.



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