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A button is something that you push in order to achieve a result. Buttons often appear on machines. They also hold things together on clothing. There are many different types of buttons:

  • Push the button on an elevator to go to any floor
elevator buttons
  • Buttons on a calculator are pushed when adding or subtracting numbers.
  • The button on this machine starts it and stops it. It's the power button.
button on a machine
  • What does this button do?
red button
  • Buttons are also found on clothing.
shirt button
   If you lose a button from your clothing, you can say, "There's a button missing."
  • Everyone has a belly button.
belly button

Have you noticed how I pronounce this word? I say "button" (but'n) The second vowel sound formed by the "o" is not audible. Some people pronounce the word like this: "button" (bu tin). Most people (in the United States) pronounce it the way I do.


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May 8, 2013







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