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May 7, 2013 - Word of the Day



An experiment is a learning experience that someone tries in order to find a result. Experiments arise naturally from human curiosity.

In these sentences, "experiment" is a noun:


  • He's working on an experiment.
  • She did an experiment involving mice.
  • Scientists conducted the experiment in order to confirm their ideas about changes in the weather.
  • Several experiments confirmed the existence of water on Mars.
  • Experiments often involve trial and error. Mistakes are made, but valuable knowledge is gained in the process of making these mistakes.
  • Rhonda wants to try an experiment with asparagus and chicken in a new recipe.

In the next set of sentences, "experiment" is a verb:

  • The company is experimenting with biotechnology.
  • They want to experiment on animals to determine if the products are safe for human consumption.
  • I've experimented with several different chat rooms for this website.
  • Let's experiment with the scheduling to see which solution is best.
  • She experimented with drugs for several years before dying of an overdose. (To experiment with drugs is to take illegal and prescription drugs without a doctor's consent.)

As a noun, this word becomes "experimentation."

  • Years of experimentation helped the doctor understand the benefits of the medication.

As an adjective, "experiment" becomes "experimental."

  • New experimental medical procedures eventually become routine practice after years of development and observation.


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