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The word "guard" means to protect or keep safe.

In these examples, "guard" is a verb:

  • A large dog guards the house across the street.
  • How many people guard the border between China and India?
  • My neighbor uses cameras, motion detectors, alarms, and several guns to guard his house.
  • Computer security experts recommend that you guard your computer with anti-virus software.
  • He's guarding the entrance to the castle.

guard He's a castle guard.

The adjective form for this word is "guarded."

  • Following a breach in security, the area remains guarded.
  • A guarded convoy of cars and SUVs drove through the center of the city.

The word "guard" is also a noun that refers to a person who provides security.

  • There are several guards inside the bank.
  • A security guard approached the visitors to the building.
  • A lifeguard at a beach or a swimming pool helps save people from harming themselves as they are swimming.
  • A bodyguard is hired to protect rich and famous people from abduction or from overzealous fans.
  • A large dog can be a good guard for your home.


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May 1, 2013







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