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May 19, 2013 - Word of the Day



If something is mild, it is not strong. It might be kind of weak. Whether or not something is mild has a lot to do with the perception of an individual person. This word is an adjective.

  • Temperatures this week have been mild.
  • Last year we had a mild winter.
  • The audience's reaction to the performance was mild.
  • This salsa is not too spicy; it has a mild flavor.
  • These peppers are too mild. We need something stronger.
  • The medicine she's taking has had a mild effect on her ability to drive.
  • A mild sedative helped relax the man and soon he fell asleep.
  • Sandra thought the perfume she was wearing had a mild scent, but the people around her were left gasping for air.

bottle of perfumea bottle of perfume

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