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To promote someone or something is to push it forward or advance it.  

simple past past participle
  • The company is promoting a new product.
  • The government is trying to promote a new health insurance option.
  • Brian was promoted to a managerial position. (He was given a better job and more money at work.)
  • His company promotes people who are enthusiastic, ambitious, and hard working.
  • Brad Pitt is promoting a new film.

When changed to a noun, this word becomes "promotion."

  • Brian got a promotion. He's making more money and he has his own office.
  • Sheila turned down a promotion because it would have required too much time away from her family.
  • A big promotion for a new electric car hit the airwaves last weekend. (hit the airwaves = it was on radio and TV, probably the internet, too.)
  • Promotions for the new film included celebrity appearances.

The word "promotional" is an adjective:

  • Brad Pitt made a promotional visit on a TV show.
  • Promotional items were given out for free at the event.


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May 14, 2013







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