What does "________" mean? How is it used in a sentence?



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The word "excess" means that there is too much of something or the amount is more than what is needed.

  • It's not healthy to eat to excess.
  • People who live in excess of their means quickly find out that it is not sustainable to spend more money than your income will allow.
  • Todd is suffering from an excess of gas in his digestive system.
  • The number of applicants for the job openings was in excess of what the company expected. For ten open positions there were 200 applicants.
  • After retiring, Jane needed to figure out what to do with all the excess time she had on her hands.
  • The response to the emergency was in excess of the situation.

By adding the "ive" suffix, you can create the adjective, "excessive."

  • Miscommunication of the situation's seriousness resulted in an excessive response.
  • Many who watched the trial carefully thought the man's punishment was excessive.
  • Don't you think your anger over this problem is a little excessive?

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This page was first published on November 5, 2013.


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