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The word "daily" is an adjective or adverb that is used to describe activities that occur every day or during the day:

  • My neighbor takes his daily walk in the afternoon. (In this sentence, "daily" is an adjective.)
  • He walks daily. (In this sentence, "daily" is an adverb.)
  • Barbara goes to a daily yoga class.
  • She exercises daily.
  • The students practice their lessons daily.
  • Their daily routine rarely changes.
  • The police patrol this neighborhood daily.
  • Daily events are posted on the bulletin board.
  • Your teacher works on this website daily.
  • The website is updated daily.

The word "daily" is also used to describe a newspaper.

  • Do you receive a daily newspaper?
  • Do you follow the daily news?
  • The cost of a newspaper depends on the day of the week. A weekend paper is two dollars and a daily costs one dollar. (In this sentence, the word "daily" is a noun used in place of the word "newspaper.")

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