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The word "lecture" is used when someone speaks about a topic or a subject at great length. Teachers and professors lecture, but a lecture can also come from a person in a position of authority, such as a parent or a police officer.

  • A police officer pulled over the car and lectured the driver on the importance of safe driving. (This sentence uses "lecture" as a verb.)
  • The police officer gave the driver a lecture. (This sentence uses "lecture" as a noun.)
  • John's father gave him a lecture on being a responsible person.
  • He lectured his son.
  • Our professor's lectures are so interesting that many students record them and listen to them later.
  • This lecture hall holds over 200 people. (This sentence uses "lecture" as an adjective.)
  • The teacher's lecture on Hamlet seemed to go on forever. It was so boring.
  • Lectures found on TED are very popular. You can listen to and learn from the world's greatest thinkers on that website.
  • Tina got upset when her husband tried to lecture her on how to be a good wife.

Note: Pay attention to the pronunciation of this word. The "t" in "lecture" is an "sh" sound: /lek shur/

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This page was published on October 12, 2013.







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