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The word "zigzag" is used to describe a pattern that uses diagonal lines, or when forward movement changes direction, often in the form of a pattern.

This pillow has a zigzag pattern:


This unusual word can be used as a verb, as an adjective, and sometimes it's a noun.

  • The sailboat zigzagged across the lake.
  • A driver was zigzagging on the highway, so a police officer pulled him over and gave him a ticket for reckless driving.
  • Looking down from an airplane, the crops and pastures of farms below formed zigzag patterns.
  • The football player ran a zigzag pattern through the defenses of the opposing team and scored a touchdown.
  • Charlie Brown always wears a shirt with a zigzag pattern.
  • The children created zigzags as they trudged through the snow.

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Published October 25, 2013







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