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When something bursts, it breaks or it blows up. In the first set of examples, the word "burst" is a noun:

  • Matt experienced a sudden burst of energy as he came closer to the finish line.
  • There's been a burst of economic growth in many cities around the United States these days.
  • A burst of activity outside of the hotel meant that some celebrity had arrived.
  • A loud burst frightened everyone in the office.

In the next set of sentences, the word "burst" is a verb. You can use this word when something happens suddenly or violently.

simple past past participle
  • A man burst into the room with news of a fire. (He entered the room quickly and frantically)
  • The Beatles burst onto the music scene in the early 1960s. (Their arrival was sudden and dramatic.)
  • The tech stock bubble burst in the late 1990s. (It took a lot of people by surprise.)
  • If you put too much air into a balloon, it will burst.



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May 2, 2014







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