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Mist takes the form of very small particles of water. You'll see mist in forests in the morning, around mountains, above a lake, and when there are foggy conditions. The word "mist" is sometimes used when it seems like it's raining, but you can't see any rain drops.

  • This morning there's a light mist coming down.
  • When we woke up this morning, we noticed everything had been dampened by mist.
  • Can you see through the mist?
  • A heavy mist decreased visibility on the roads last night.
  • The mountains are barely visible through the mist.
  • Grocery stores use sprayers that produce a mist in order to keep vegetables fresh.
  • She got a little misty thinking about her mother who passed away several years ago. (misty = light tears)


Can you see the mountains through the mist?

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May 3, 2014







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