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August 28, 2014 - Word of the Day: plug


plug plug

A plug is something that is inserted into an electrical outlet and delivers electricity to a machine. You can also use this word when inserting something that is not electrical. This man, for example, is plugging his fingers into his ears:

Why is he doing that? man putting fingers into his ears

These sentences show how to use "plug" as a verb:

  • Denise plugged in her TV and turned it on.
  • You need to plug this air conditioner into a special outlet.
  • Bill unplugged his laptop before leaving the coffee shop. (unplug = take the plug out)
  • Plug up the sink before you put water into it.
  • If you plug these numbers into the formula, you should get an answer to your question.
  • The toilet is all plugged up. Get a plunger.
  • Today's guest on The Tonight Show is going to plug his latest movie. (plug = promote for commercial gain)

These sentences show how to use "plug" as a noun:

  • Take the plug out of the wall before you do any work on an electrical appliance.
  • Most plugs nowadays have three prongs instead of two.
  • Henrietta is on life support, but her family wants the doctors to pull the plug because she will probably live the rest of her life in a coma. ("Pull the plug" is an expression that can be used when deciding on matters of life and death in a hospital.)


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