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Fabric is the material that is found in clothing and furniture. It can be natural or synthetic. Cotton is a fabric. It comes from a plant. Polyester is a fabric. It's made in a factory. Wool is a fabric. It comes from an animal.

  • Gina went to the store to buy some fabric for a dress she wanted to make.
  • She went to the fabric store.
  • There's a wide assortment of fabric to choose from.
  • How much fabric do you need?
  • The fabric in the coat is a blend of polyester and wool.
  • Some fabrics are very delicate.
  • Fabric softener helps keep your clothes soft and free of static when they are in the dryer. fabric softener fabric softener

fabric The store has beautiful fabric!


Note: The word "fabric" is usually a noncount noun (fabric), but sometimes an "s" is added to make it a count noun (fabrics).


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December 6, 2014







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