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The word "mix" is used when people or things are put together or combined. We use "mix" when socializing, organizing, and cooking:


  • He uses a machine to mix ingredients together.
  • Mix flour, yeast, salt, and a little sugar to make dough.
  • Eggs and sugar are often mixed together when making cookies.
  • You need to mix the chicken and the vegetables for this recipe.
  • Oil and water don't really mix together.
  • If you mix red with blue, you'll get purple.
  • Renee is careful not to mix dark colors with light colors when doing laundry.
  • The woman finds it difficult to mix with people at parties.
  • Joe doesn't like to mix with people who do drugs.

The word "mix" can be used as a noun:

  • That's not a good mix.
  • I bought a cake mix at the store. (All of the necessary necessary are in the box.)
  • The mix of people at the party was very interesting.
  • Putting Bob and Todd together on this project is not a good mix.

The words "mix" and "up" together form "mix up." This idiom is used when there's confusion or things are put together when they shouldn't be.

  • The teacher mixed up the names of the students.
  • The waiter mixed up the customers' orders.
  • Don't mix up my stuff with your stuff. Let's keep it all separate.
  • Natalya mixes up pronouns when she speaks English.
  • There was a mix up at the airport and we missed our flight.

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January 13, 2014







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