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To appeal is to be attractive. When something is appealing, a person likes it:

  • I like this car.
  • This car appeals to me.
  • Do you like those shoes?
  • Do those shoes appeal to you?
  • He likes that girl.
  • She appeals to him.
  • She doesn't like that boy.
  • He doesn't appeal to her.

You can also use "appeal" as a verb when asking for something:

  • The lawyer appealed to the judge for more time to talk to his client.
  • Marta appealed to the teacher for some help with something she didn't understand.

You can use "appeal" as an adjective: appealing

  • Jeff doesn't find the artwork to be very appealing. (This is one way of saying he doesn't like it very much.)
  • Jennifer has a very appealing personality.
  • That dessert tray looks extremely appealing.
  • That's an appealing idea!
  • Barack Obama was a very appealing candidate for President in 2008, so he easily won the election.
  • She's very appealing.

woman She's very appealing.

The word "appeal" is a noun:

  • She has a lot of sex appeal.
  • This product doesn't have much an appeal.
  • Comic book movies have a great appeal for a large audience.
  • The lawyer is going to submit an appeal following the verdict of guilt. (An appeal is a request for further review of a legal matter.)


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Published on July 8, 2014







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