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If something is hard and makes a loud sound when you eat it, consider using the adjective, "crispy." This word is similar to "crunchy." Sometimes the opposite of "mushy" (yesterday's Word of the Day) is "crispy."

  • These crackers are light and crispy.
  • My cereal isn't crispy anymore. Now it's soggy.
  • Everyone loves crispy potato chips. Keep the bag closed when you finish eating them or else they'll go stale.
  • Many Americans like to eat junk food that is crispy and crunchy.
  • Rice cakes are crispy.

rice cake rice cake

The word "crisp" is almost the same as "crispy," but it can be used for things other than food.

  • These crackers are very crisp.
  • The lettuce in this salad is crisp.
  • Apple crisp is a popular dessert. (The word "crisp" is a noun in this sentence.)
  • The air in late October feels cool and crisp.
  • The man paid for his meal with a crisp 100-dollar bill. (Newly-minted money is "crisp" because of the way it sounds and feels in one's hand.)

The word "crispiness" is a noun.

  • These crackers have lost their crispiness.
  • To retain their crispiness, crackers must be kept in an airtight container.

crackers crackers


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June 13, 2014







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