What does "________" mean? How is it used in a sentence?



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When you need to use water to clean something or remove soap, the verb "rinse" is often used:

simple past past participle
  • Gloria rinsed the lettuce three times before she used it in a salad.
  • It's important to rinse certain vegetables and fruit before you eat them because they may be contaminated with chemicals and pesticides.
  • Dave is rinsing some mud off of his car.
  • Make sure you rinse all of the shampoo out of your hair.
  • You can rinse the sand off of your feet with that hose.

faucet  You can rinse your hands underneath a faucet.

The word "rinse" can also be used as noun:

  • She gave her hair a good rinse.
  • Give those apples a rinse.
  • The car needs a rinse to get all of the salt off. (Salt is used to melt ice in cold-weather countries. It's damages metal.)


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First published on June 9, 2014.


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