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The word "worth" refers to the value of something.You can use "worth" as an adjective or a noun. What is the value in monetary (money) terms, or what is the personal value of a thing or an experience?

  • What is this worth? (What's the dollar value?)
  • Do you know what your car is worth?
  • Rhonda's gold necklace is worth $2000.
  • Their house isn't worth very much.
  • What's the worth of your investments?
  • What is your time worth?
  • I don't think her accent is worth worrying about.
  • This isn't worth fighting about.
  • Was that war really worth fighting?

wristwatch What is his wristwatch worth?

If something isn't valuable, it's worthless.

  • His 20-year-old car is worthless.
  • They thought the painting was valuable, but an art expert told them it was worthless.
  • The meeting was a worthless waste of time.

The word "worthwhile" is often used when an experience or an amount of time has been productive:

  • College is a worthwhile experience for most people.
  • They found the time spent learning about the program was worthwhile.
  • This has been a worthwhile class.
  • Her investment of time wasn't worthwhile.

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Published on June 25, 2014.







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